Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Raven Queen

This is a piece I did just for fun. I noticed I have no predominantly red pieces in my portfolio, I haven't painted a female character in awhile, and I almost never do pieces just about villains. so that's what this is.

And as usual I set out designing a character purely from my head and it ends up being an existing character. shortly after i finished the line drawing for this I googled "raven queen" and found out she is an official D&D character. So even though I meant this to be an original piece it might as well be a D&D piece which I'm ok with.


  1. Incredible work on the lighting! It just pulls me in. And the colors are gorgeous. Amazing work as always. :)

  2. This looks awesome!
    I love how your use of a dominant red color pallet compliments the character's wickedness.